Valparaíso - Viña del Mar

Analogic partners universities in Valparaíso

Valparaíso - Viña del Mar

Analogic partners universities in Valparaíso

Valparaíso - Viña Del Mar

Also called Valpo or el Puerto, Valparaíso is composed of 42 populated hills that together create a colorful, urban design. Attached to the shore is the flat city center called “el plan,” where one can smell the ocean and enjoy the sea lions basking in the morning sun. At night, the sound of the ocean is replaced by lively street music and a trendy night-life.  

Attached to Valparaíso is the beautiful city of Viña del Mar. Known for its beaches and gardens embedded into the streets and avenues, Viña represents a new,dynamic, location for a contact with chilean natives. The people of Viña  are naturally friendly, and it has turned into one of the best locations for university students seeking immersive study abroad experiences.

Analogic partner universities in Valparaíso

Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María USM

The Universidad Santa María is a heritage of solid education in engineering, science, and technology provided to Chileansfor 80 years. It fosters a strong spirit through the development of culture, physical activities, and entrepreneurial skills. Today, its mission is to become world-renowned in the field of engineering, science and technology.

USM is a private, non-profit university putting strong emphasis in attracting and retaining students coming from low income families from all over the country and Latin America. Located in a unique campus in the city of Valparaíso attached to the shore of the Pacific Ocean in the middle of an urban complex of avenues and neighbohoods.

The “la Santa María” (as people know it) is an unparalleled place for international students looking for a rich campus life, rich spanish culture, and a wide range of STEM course offerings.

universidad santa maria

Analogic Abroad and USM alliance

Analogic Abroad and Universidad Santa María are devoted to breaking new ground in the study abroad world. Our partnership with Universidad Santa María is the perfect option for students looking to develop their cultural awareness while continuing their studies. Analogic and USM have collaborated to create a program with hyper cultural contents and a unique mixture between STEM disciplines, Spanish fluency development and multicultural content.

Analogic – USM programs

  • Multidisciplinary Study Semester Program
  • STEM semester program in Spanish




Universidad Adolfo Ibañez

The Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez (“la Adolfo” as locals call it) is a non-profit private institution founded in 1988, based on the original Business School of Valparaíso and named after its founder,the businessman and entrepreneur Mr. Adolfo Ibañez Boggiano.

The mission of la Adolfo is to educate young generations on the basis of freedom and self-reliance, and to help students to achieve their intellectual and human potential. The main goal of Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez is to develop the knowledge and necessary skills to function successfully in a complex and changing environment. Students at la Adolfo participate actively in the creation of their own knowledge, developing intellectual autonomy and integrating theory with practical applications. In every academic career, the curriculum includes interdisciplinary courses to allow students to receive a well-rounded education.

Analogic Abroad and Adolfo Ibáñez alliance

Based on the idea of a hyper cultural experience, Analogic Abroad has partnered with “la Adolfo” to pursue an innovative study abroad opportunity in the unique, urban junction of Valparaíso and Viña del Mar.

The prime location of la Adolfo enables students to learn more about the history of local porteños and viñamarinos. The locals of Valparaíso and Viña del Mar are the originators of many Chilean customs that have spread to the rest of Chile in the worlds of industry, commerce, banking, sports (especially soccer/football), arts, and architecture.

As a multidisciplinary program with a Liberal Arts emphasis, the agreement between both institutions is to have an exchange programs for students of the world that allows them to connect immediately with people and organizations in these two joint cities.

Analogic – UIA programs

  • Multidisciplinary Semester Program

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