services and support

Find out about the wide range of support available to our programs

services and support

Find out about the wide range of support available to our programs

Analogic Programs Health Services and Support

Study Programs, Internships and Faculty-Led Analogic programs offer extensive support both before departure and during the time abroad. While assuring academic quality and insightful cultural connections to students in Chile, Analogic is also fully committed to guarantee safety, information, and support services for every student, professor, intern, advisor and home institution. Analogic Abroad’s services are comprised of the following:


Covers sickness, accidents, and other incidents during the period of the student’s time abroad, from the very minute of their departure from their home country until the return. Analogic provides full coverage through “Europ- Assistance” insurance service. For more details, click here


Is given to all students the first day of their stay in Chile. The content of this plan includes information about the types of emergencies that could happen in the country, instructions to follow in these different scenarios, and the Analogic emergency contacts. Analogic is also connected to the emergency plan of all of the Embassies in Chile to provide timely information about the status of the students if necessary. The detailed Analogic Emergency Plan will be sent to all Analogic home institutions before the program start day, or by an earlier date if needed.


Analogic health and safety staff advise, orient and accompany any program participants to the nearest and best hospital available in the city (Santiago, Valparaíso/Viña del Mar, La Serena or any other place where the programs deploy operations). In the case of a health incident, the participants may go to any of the hospitals indicated as the best options on a list given during the first days of orientation. Once at the front desk, the student only needs to present a credit card to register for medical attention. Once medical care has been completed, the student will create a claim report, and the Insurance Company will reimburse him or her within the next 10 days. The Analogic team will always accompany the participants to a hospital whenever there is an incident, unless there is an emergency and it may take longer time to reach the student. In such case, the student may go directly to the hospital by him or herself if conditions allow, and our staff will go directly to the respective hospital.


At Analogic Abroad, we pride ourselves on transparency and timely responsiveness. We know that our clear communication with students, universities, home institutions and families is a key factor for studying abroad. The UPDATE REPORT is an effective, transparent and formal instrument to keep all parts updated about student's life and experience while in Chile. This report will also be the record of incidents associated to different situations.


Students will be placed with the most experienced families that understand the needs of international students, including their eagerness to immerse in the Chilean culture. The housing service is a home- stay model that includes: 3 meals a day (breakfast, lunch to take to the campus, and a dinner: daily family meal with a balanced nutrient composition), a private room with wifi, laundry once a week, and a set of keys for the house. The chilean family will also integrate the students to all their family activities during weekends.


The Hypercultural Coaching Program is the Analogic Abroad innovation over what has been the traditional intercultural approaches to study abroad and international education. During the study program with Analogic, students will engage in a communicative process, where the key concepts are personal interests, identities and multiple communication ways. This coaching is a permanent orientation and training process in different fields of non curricular learning needs from the very first day of arrival in Chile. Topics and information services include:

  • Approaches to ways of life in Chile
  • Daily connection between Analogic staff and the students using social network tools. The apps will be presented during orientation days.
  • Transportation throughout Chile and in the city
  • Tools and strategies for different life situations
  • Budgeting your experience
  • Entertainment information and advice
  • Healthy food orientation and respect for different food cultures and habits of the students (vegetarians, vegans, gluten free, pescetarians, plant-based eaters, and local food traditions as well)
  • Chilean idiosyncrasy and cultural adaptation strategies
  • Safety orientation
  • In case of emergencies or personal situations, Analogic Abroad guarantees participants communication in their native language


Analogic Abroad offers advising for the students on the process of obtaining a visa (the cost of this procedure must be assumed by the participant). Visas are an official document required for foreigners that enter Chile. To obtain a student visa or a special visa, each participant must contact the nearest Chilean Embassy. Please review the following information on the:

Click here for chileans consulates list

A Students Visa is required for programs that last more than three months. An appointment at your nearest consulate is needed to process your student visaThis process takes time so it should be started early on.

Once the participant decides to enroll in one of the programs, Analogic will send a letter of acceptance which states the conditions of the visit to Chile, and the costs that are covered by the fee of the program. Analogic will be your main visa sponsor, together with the letter of acceptance from the university where you take your direct enrollment courses.

If a student applies to a program that lasts less than a 90 days, there is no need for a visa, unless the participant comes from a country with exceptions. Please check the Consulate site to make sure this is the case.

Click here for how to get visas for visiting Chile

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