Santiago is Chile’s capital city and home of the tallest mountains of South America


Santiago is Chile’s capital city and home of the tallest mountains of South America


Santiago is Chile’s capital city and home to the tallest mountains of South America. This magnificent city contains a diverse, multicultural population, providing the perfect opportunity for total immersion. As one of the largest cities in South America, there are always things to do, ranging from historical museums and hiking to concerts and bar-hopping. Santiago also has a rich political culture and has become a hub for global businesses.

Analogic Partners Universities in Santiago

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile PUC

The Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile was founded on June 21, 1888.

From its origins, the main goal was to create an institution capable of blending academic excellence and training based on the Christian doctrine. During 130 years of academic and scientific excellence in Chile and Latin America, the PUC (as locals call it) is with no doubt the leading higher education institution in Chile.

PUC puts  strong national and international emphasis in research, teaching and community engagement,  and is always present in the highest positions of international education rankings. PUC has an integral and comprehensive influence in contemporary Chilean development in medicine, economics, education, engineering, and many more. For a comprehensive look at PUC in Chile, please refer to the following link:

universidad catolica

Analogic Abroad and PUC alliance

As the first chilean study abroad non-profit institution, Analogic Abroad  can’t think of a better partner than Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. This strategic alliance between Analogic and PUC  is based under the mutual conviction that international education is the current territory of knowledge transmission and value formation to create a global awareness of planetary challenges, taking cross cultural recognition not only as a framework to guide academic activity.

With the innovation in hyper cultural curriculum, Analogic Abroad has made a new proposal to PUC in Chile consisting in a curricular coaching to international students with three main purposes: the articulation of a common view among the differences, the incentive of an environmental consciousness and the creation of a self made community person.

Analogic – PUC programs

  • Multidisciplinary Semester Study Program
  • Latin American Studies Semester Program

Universidad Diego Portales

Founded in October of 1982, UDP (as locals call it) incorporates the new Chilean perspective in higher education.

Based on principles of free thought, the UDP has had a big impact on Chilean development thanks to its truly independent scholars and research system. This solid principle is one of the attractions for the academic international community, and it creates the best atmosphere for exchange students and scholars to come and co-produce a unique and real outcome of advanced knowledge and make a real difference in cultural exchange.

universidad diego portales

Analogic Abroad and UDP Alliance

As Anlogic founders constitute a group of independent study abroad professionals coming from many different  exchange program experiences, some of our current “Analogics” were the originators of the social science agreement with UDP, during the times when this university did not have an exchange program with study abroad agencies.

Today, UDP is one of the top five universities in the chilean higher education system, where internationalization means to open the doors of UDP to different incoming students all over the world, and Analogic plays a key role in making this happen. For a comprehensive look at UDP in Chile, please refer to the following link:

Analogic – UDP Programs

  • Chile-Argentina: Comparative Politics and Developmental Studies Program
  • Multidisciplinary Semester Study Program

Universidad de Chile

Founded in 1842, the University of Chile is the oldest higher education institution in Chile.

All disciplinary areas of knowledge and culture are the basis of the activities of the University. “La Chile” (as people know it) is located in the capital city Santiago de Chile, and it is a public university with international quality. Today, the university is at the top of the Chilean university system with regard to teaching, research, creation and outreach in all areas including Architecture and Urbanism, Arts, Agricultural Sciences, Sciences, Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Forestry Sciences, Chemical Sciences and Pharmacy, Social Sciences, Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Law, Economy and Business, Philosophy and Humanities, Medicine and Dentistry.

The “La Chile” has 41,547 students, 32,422 undergraduate and 9,125 at the graduate level. La Chile’s international programs are known worldwide and represent the door for foreign students and faculties to become involved with a top chilean research center.

universidad de chile
universidad de chile

Analogic - Universidad de Chile Alliance

Analogic Abroad and Universidad de Chile have agreed to innovate together in the study abroad field in Chile. Through the Programa de Movilidad Estudiantil of “La Chile”, this alliance aims to draw Engineering and Business students from abroad in order to explore the chilean business world and strategies for achieving successful outcomes in wealth creation and economic development.

The alliance between Analogic and U. of Chile will connect with more than one hundred higher education institutions around the world to create a dynamic exchange experience for engineering and business students.

Analogic – UCHILE Programs

  • Multidisciplinary Semester Study Program

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