Our team is comprised of international education experts with a deep knowledge of Chile and South America.


Our team is comprised of international education experts with a deep knowledge of Chile and South America.

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Patricio Analogic Study Abroad

Patricio varas

Executive President

Patricio has extensive experience in international education, higher career exchange programs and intercultural leadership between the United States and Chile. He served as the Resident Director for the Council on International Educational Exchange in Chile from 2009 to 2018. He received his doctorate in Linguistic from the Catholic University of Valparaíso in 2011, and has served as a visiting lecturer and faculty member at various universities throughout South America and the United States. Over the years, Patricio has supported thousands of students, young professionals and academics from around the world during their experiences abroad in Chile, Colombia and Latin America.

Iveta Vesela

Finance Manager

Iveta’s life mission is creating educational and experiential learning opportunities for students coming from various international, academic and social backgrounds.With a background in international relations and political science, higher education, methodology and intercultural communication, Iveta has also gained a thorough knowledge of customer-focused study abroad environments. A native of the Czech Republic, Iveta has spent a good portion of her life studying or working abroad (USA, Germany, Chile), which nurtured her genuine interest in different cultures. Her experiences abroad have  also broadened her perspective of international educational exchange as a powerful tool of personal development, social understanding, community development as well as international affairs resolution. As a result, she is committed to supporting academic exchange activities and to help others grow by fostering intercultural understanding.

romina lavin

General Secretary

One of Romina’s biggest passions since returning from her internships in the U.S. has been helping guide and encourage her friends and other students to experience learning programs abroad. Throughout her career, Romina has explored various fields including social researching, consulting, business and international education. She has worked in places  including Chilean Mass Media as well as local communities, in addition to personal projects such as her own Aerial Yoga studio.  

These experiences have given Romina a deep understanding of the importance of international education. Her academic background as a sociologist has helped her create meaningful connections and networks with people from around the world, and makes her a fantastic resource for individuals looking for a social and cultural connection in Chile.

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