Chile-Argentina Study Program

The Chile-Argentina program is a binational academic effort between Analogic Chile and FLACSO Argentina

Chile-Argentina Study Program

The Chile-Argentina program is a binational academic effort between Analogic Chile and FLACSO Argentina

Comparative Politics and Development Studies in Chile and Argentina.

Analogic Abroad has designed a very specific program for students who are interested in combining their study abroad experience with two different destinations, comparing the knowledge they gain in two different cultures to broaden their academic exchange perspectives.

In addition to this double-site study program, students will participate in many unique experimental activities. They will get a hands-on experience by taking part in panel discussions with current and former politicians and important state figures, visiting various non-profit organizations dedicated to human rights, political transformation and economic development of both countries, and leading a small research initiative in the field of comparative politics and developmental studies.

The program is 16 weeks long, out of which students stay 8 weeks in both destinations (Santiago, Chile and Buenos Aires, Argentina). All participants will also get a chance to take part in two  investigative excursions led by faculty members to help the students appreciate other parts of the region that are closely related to the topics discussed in classes.

The program is led in close collaboration with Universidad Diego Portales (Santiago,Chile) and FLACSO Argentina (Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales – Buenos Aires, Argentina).

All students will be provided with services that will enable them to adapt fast in the two different cultural and academic environments.

Chile-Argentina Study Program
Chile-Argentina Study Program

Program Specifics

  • GPA Requirement: 2.8 (U.S.)
  • Academic Prerequisite: 4 semesters of university studies completed.
  • Statement of Interest (1000 – 1500 words).
  • Pre departure online interview with Analogic Abroad executive member at least 2 months before the departure.
  • Language requirement: 5 semesters of Spanish language, or equivalent to the B2 level Spanish language certificate (Advanced) according to the European Common Language Framework


  • Duration: 16 weeks (8 weeks in Chile/8 weeks in Argentina)
  • Placement sites: Santiago, Chile/Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Credit Load: 15 U.S. credits (or 22.5 quarter hours) or 30 ECTS credits per semester. It is understood that one course of 4 credits at Chilean universities equals 60 contact hour time
  • Course Enrollment: Academic Program, Universidad Diego Portales, Chile and FLACSO, Argentina
  • Term: Fall 2019 / Spring 2020
  • Spanish Course Requirement: Contextual B2 Level Spanish Course during the program in Santiago and Buenos Aires

Included Services

  • Airport Transportation on the official program start and end dates.
  • Academic Mentorship
  • Health, Safety and Living Mentorship
  • All visa information and advising provided: requirements, dates, costs (dependent on your country of origin)
  • Round flight ticket Santiago – Buenos Aires- Santiago (Exact days will be fixed in the official calendar)
  • Housing with host family including: one private room, three meals a day, laundry once a week, wi-fi in the house and family integration. All in both countries.
  • 24/7 Emergency contact.
  • Staff guidance and communication in both countries.
  • Insurance (both in Chile and Argentina)

Hypercultural Coaching

Analogic Abroad has made an innovative jump to a new stage in international education through a coaching program of learning during the experience. Hypercultural Coaching program includes the following activities:

  • Chilean Family Welcome Experience: Cooking with the family, dinner, and other family activities.
  • Urban trekking in the city
  • Identity and Intercultural Sensitivity with your hands: Cooking Activity
  • Hypercultural Weekend Trip (two nights).
  • Hypercultural Day Trip
  • Guest Speakers
  • Independent Theater Performance
  • Create a hyper expression of art.
  • Sharing your Analogic video with the class.
  • Farewell Activity with Analogic Abroad members and Host Families.

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