Season for credit Internship

Analogic Abroad works directly with innovative Chilean companies to provide full-immersion internship opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students. Analogic partners with a variety of organizations that are looking for international learners to be a  part of their creative process.  Through this program, young professionals will learn how to function in a new, innovative and collaborative […]

Semester Programs in Chilean Higher Education

The Semester Study Program is an innovative academic program designed for  international students who have see Chile as a destination to create their own study model. The program creates a balance between three key educational factors: acquisition of formal knowledge, cultural absorption from diverse communities, and participation in the hyper communicative contemporary world looking for […]

Latin AmericaN Studies

The Latin American Studies Program has been created to facilitate access to insightful information, discussions and updated trends in Latin American issues. The program is a comprehensive, intellectually-balanced curriculum aiming to benefit international students who are part of any type of academic Latin American major/minor program at the undergraduate or graduate level. With a combined […]

Chile-Argentina Study Program

Analogic Abroad has designed a very specific program for students who are interested in combining their study abroad experience with two different destinations, comparing the knowledge they gain in two different cultures to broaden their academic exchange perspectives. In addition to this double-site study program, students will participate in many unique experimental activities. They will […]