About us

Our team is comprised of international education experts with a deep knowledge of Chile and South America.

About us

Our team is comprised of international education experts with a deep knowledge of Chile and South America.

What is Analogic Abroad Chile?

Analogic Abroad is the first abroad non–profit organization in Chile where individuals from around the world can immerse themselves in the new trends of cultural exchanges from a unique and personalized approach.

Chile offers a wide range of valuable opportunities for both professors and students looking to challenge their intellectual abilities and achieve their educational goals, and Analogic has partnered with the best universities and companies in Chile to allow individuals to make the most of these opportunities.

Rich and dynamic abroad experiences are created by you and Analogic’s team of intercultural education professionals from diverse backgrounds.


Mission & Values

Culture is no longer an unknown reality separating a native’s home country from the rest of the world. Hyperculture and the instantaneous access to information on the world-wide web has changed the global terrain.

Collaboration between cultures is key for creating modern-day solutions, and Analogic Abroad strives to facilitate these intercultural relationships. Our team is comprised of international education experts with a deep knowledge of Chile and South America.

Through the Hypercultural Coaching Program our team of experts in multiculturalism and international education accompany the participants in their process of cultural adaptation  so that they gain a rewarding experience adding to their personal growth and integration, while respecting their individuality and concerns.

Our Vision

At Analogic Abroad, we believe that spending time abroad can change lives. We want to create a diverse international community in Chile of educators and students with common values of improving the global society. Analogic’s global community has the power to enhance Chile’s culture while also bringing their experiences home and make a positive impact on the world as a whole.


the team

Patricio Analogic Study Abroad

Patricio varas

Executive President

Patricio has extensive experience in international education, higher career exchange programs and intercultural leadership between the United States and Chile. He served as the Resident Director for the Council on International Educational Exchange in Chile from 2009 to 2018. He received his doctorate in Linguistic from the Catholic University of Valparaíso in 2011, and has served as a visiting lecturer and faculty member at various universities throughout South America and the United States. Over the years, Patricio has supported thousands of students, young professionals and academics from around the world during their experiences abroad in Chile, Colombia and Latin America.

Romina Analogic Study Abroad

romina lavin

Vice President of Program Development

One of Romina’s biggest passions since returning from her internships in the U.S. has been helping guide and encourage her friends and other students to experience learning programs abroad. Throughout her career, Romina has explored various fields including social researching, consulting, business and international education. She has worked in places  including Chilean Mass Media as well as local communities, in addition to personal projects such as her own Aerial Yoga studio.  

These experiences have given Romina a deep understanding of the importance of international education. Her academic background as a sociologist has helped her create meaningful connections and networks with people from around the world, and makes her a fantastic resource for individuals looking for a social and cultural connection in Chile.

Analogic Abroad Academic Framework

Academic Quality Assurance

Analogic Abroad offers a high-quality academic program that incorporates the concept of “hyperculturality” into its experiential learning strategies and active learning pedagogical approach. We have been able to achieve this through the following establishment:

  • Analogic Abroad forms alliances with the best Chilean universities and academic institutions to ensure that our course offerings meet the highest academic standards and expectations.
  • Analogic Abroad cooperates with  institutions that seek innovation and development in their institutional program offerings.
  • Analogic Abroad strategically chooses its partner institutions to meet the diverse academic needs of students from a range of backgrounds and majors.
  • Analogic Abroad focuses on outlining clear course objectives that can be aligned with easily measurable assessments.
  • Analogic Abroad offers intellectually stimulating courses to make sure that the students continue to be academically challenged while studying abroad and exploring issues from various perspectives. Students will learn how concepts and issues are perceived and theorized in the new types of networks that are currently shaping the hypercultural norms and values that form the current generation of student exchange programs.
  • Analogic Abroad applies their deep understanding of of cultural, intercultural, and hypercultural studies to their personalized abroad programs.
  • Analogic Abroad creates opportunities for high-quality education while also providing students with the tools to learn lessons of personal growth.

Experiential Learning

Experiential learning is an enhanced instructional method through which students expand their knowledge through the transformation of an experience. In such a setting, students actively participate in the experience by researching, performing an activity, reflecting on observations, processing the experience, and generalizing the experience to apply the knowledge in future, real-world situations.

All Analogic Abroad courses will take students out of the classroom to experience active learning opportunities through guest lectures including area experts, local leaders, policy makers, politicians, social leaders   Other active learning opportunities are offered through language exchanges, academic field trips and workshops, research activities and experiential case studies

Hypercultural Academic Coaching

The Hypercultural Coaching Program is Analogic Abroad’s innovative  alternative to the traditional intercultural approaches to study abroad and international education. During the Study program with Analogic, students will engage in conversations  where the key focuses include identities, various communication types and creation of hypertexts as the contemporary way to educate internationally.

In the contemporary world, culture is becoming an increasingly relative term, and intercultural assumes that we are all different but we communicate among the differences. *Instead, hypercultural means students are already aware of the world where they participate, a world that is mostly hyper communicative according to the different networks. Understanding that young people are hyperconnected through all available social networks, it is reasonable to propose that they already know elements of the culture of the country where they will make the student exchange. The first approach to the culture is already done virtually, and it is in that space where they could identify what is foreign or different from their “own culture”. Then analogy postulates that it is appropriate to guide them to a second approach.This assumption leads to the search for what is common among differences and not to look for differences.

An international program like Analogic Abroad Chile needs to become a network node inside this maximized world of connections, but in this case with the addition of education. Education is self-oriented, meaning the combination of students´ knowledge about social networking on one side, and hard and soft skills to learn in the traditional way in a classroom on the other, it is a unique curriculum in the world of culture, that we can call hyperculture.

In this program, students will not only identify different perspectives and realities of what they can observe, but they will also create culture by using and applying what they already know.  The Hypercultural coaching program knows that you educate by your own combining your first hand experience in a place together with your own awareness and the community interaction.

All Analogic Abroad courses will take students out of the classroom to experience active learning opportunities through guest lectures including area experts, local leaders, policy makers, politicians, social leaders   Other active learning opportunities are offered through language exchanges, academic field trips and workshops, research activities and experiential case studies

Student Academic Advising

Analogic Abroad’s academic advisors provide you with support throughout your study abroad stay to ensure that you get the most out of your experience in Latin America. We make it a priority to ensure that you have all of the resources necessary to achieve the goals that you set for your personal and academic growth while studying abroad.

Analogic Abroad Academic Policies

Transfer Credit

The transfer of academic credit is decided on by your home university. Analogic Abroad helps by providing detailed course descriptions, contact hours, syllabi, and recommended credits for all the courses offered as direct-enrollment or as part of the Analogic Abroad programs. We recommend that you meet with your advisor prior to departure to have your course selections pre-approved. We strongly recommend approving multiple alternate courses due to course availability.

U.S. and ECTS credits

All courses taken at Analogic Abroad follow the Chilean university standard transferred into standard U.S. credit hour ratio: 15 contact hours is equivalent to 1 semester credit. In our programs core courses typically meet for 60 contact hours, worth 4 U.S. semester credits.  Elective courses offered at Analogic Abroad typically meet for 45 contact hours, worth 3 U.S. semester credits. Courses offered at partner institutions vary depending on how credit is awarded.  

A number of Analogic Abroad’s European partner institutions only accept the conversion of credits using the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). ECTS incorporates “course units” that describe the student workload required to complete academic work and achieve learning outcomes.

One ECTS credit corresponds to 25–30 hours of total student work; 60 credits represent one academic year worth of work, 30 credits represent a semester, and 20 credits represent a trimester. There’s not a universal formula for converting ECTS to U.S. credits, but most universities consider ECTS as a 2:1 ratio (2 ECTS credits = 1 U.S. credit).

Analogic Abroad provides syllabi and recommended credits for each course offered through our programs as well as at our partner institutions (direct-enrollment). Ultimately, each university will determine how U.S. or Chilean university credits will transcribe into ECTS credits and further transfer into a student’s degree program.

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