The Semester Study Program is an innovative academic program designed for  international students who have see Chile as a destination to create their own study model. The program creates a balance between three key educational factors: acquisition of formal knowledge, cultural absorption from diverse communities, and participation in the hyper communicative contemporary world looking for common elements among differences.

Any student, from any part of the world, will be able to select courses, participate in extracurricular activities, trips and community programs under the support of Analogic’s cultural advisors and professionals. This experience guarantees quality at all levels, and it allows home institutions to trust that their students will achieve their goals, gain credits, learn a new language and have a unique, multicultural experience.

Apart from disciplinary courses, language courses, community participation, and excursions, the Multidisciplinary Program incorporates Hypercultural Coaching. This allows students to apply their learning outcomes to the new challenges of their generation. As the hypercultural concept implies, students are the leaders of their learning objectives while in Chile. For a detailed description of the Hypercultal Coaching Program, refer to the Hyper Coaching section on this site.

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