Analogic Abroad works directly with innovative Chilean companies to provide full-immersion internship opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students. Analogic partners with a variety of organizations that are looking for international learners to be a  part of their creative process.  Through this program, young professionals will learn how to function in a new, innovative and collaborative work atmosphere. The Season for Credit Internship Program provides services to the intern for cultural adaptation and language immersion if required (this is evaluated by the applicant in accordance with language level, career interests and extension of the internship) and also a Seminar.

The Hypercultural Academic Seminar is  Analogic Abroad’s innovative alternative to what has been the traditional intercultural approach to study abroad and international education. During the abroad experience with Analogic, students will meet together for sessions with Analogic professionals focusing on culture identities and various forms of communication and hypertexts production.

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