The Latin American Studies Program has been created to facilitate access to insightful information, discussions and updated trends in Latin American issues.

The program is a comprehensive, intellectually-balanced curriculum aiming to benefit international students who are part of any type of academic Latin American major/minor program at the undergraduate or graduate level. With a combined perspective including the search for modern consolidation, political stability and Latin American  identity rescue, the program has been created based on cross-departmental collaboration  in which sociology, economics, political science, history, arts, culture, and business contribute to a common point of analysis that is recognized in this contemporary identity called Latin America.

This program has been developed in an alliance between Analogic Abroad Chile and Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

The program is taught completely in English, with local academic bilingual professors from the areas of economic development, political systems and political changes, social issues, human rights, business and public policies.  It is a semester program starting in Fall 2019 in Santiago.

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