Analogic Abroad has designed a very specific program for students who are interested in combining their study abroad experience with two different destinations, comparing the knowledge they gain in two different cultures to broaden their academic exchange perspectives.

In addition to this double-site study program, students will participate in many unique experimental activities. They will get a hands-on experience by taking part in panel discussions with current and former politicians and important state figures, visiting various non-profit organizations dedicated to human rights, political transformation and economic development of both countries, and leading a small research initiative in the field of comparative politics and developmental studies.

The program is 16 weeks long, out of which students stay 8 weeks in both destinations (Santiago, Chile and Buenos Aires, Argentina). All participants will also get a chance to take part in two  investigative excursions led by faculty members to help the students appreciate other parts of the region that are closely related to the topics discussed in classes.

The program is led in close collaboration with Universidad Diego Portales (Santiago,Chile) and FLACSO Argentina (Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales – Buenos Aires, Argentina).

All students will be provided with services that will enable them to adapt fast in the two different cultural and academic environments.

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